What is the difference between Horoscopes and Numerology
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Also discusses Yasser Arafat
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See Jacob's Acrostic Prophecy

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Page eight: God desires all to be saved
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Page ten: How to be saved from wrath
See Jacob's Acrostic Prophecy


The Sign of Arafat, the Bull, continued:

God desires all men to be saved,
and that included Arafat.


I find it very frustrating when it comes to explaining how the bible numbers work since people have trouble with numbers. But both the very days and year of Arafat's birth and death are perfectly harmonized to the said events in Jacob's and Esau's life. (Remember that they were twins.) Both the events and the numbers perfectly harmonize so that there is absolutely no doubt whatsoever as to what God wants us to understand by these things. 

What does God want us to know?

God desires that all be saved and come to know Jesus (Yeshua) as their Messiah. However, God has a plan for national Israel and whoever curses her is cursed. Arafat would not repent of his animosity. His crimes of terror were many. He was the father of modern terrorism. Israel, too, is guilty, but now we speak about Arafat. (The acrostic does not spare either one.) 

Arafat was Saddam Hussein's ally. Just as Saddam became a type and figure of the beast to come, so now Arafat. (If I were to tickle ears, I would not speak such since many will be offended at me. However, I fear God more than men.) 

Both men are spoken about in the mene-tekel bible code, (though Saddam predominantly). Both of them are simply types of the beast that is to come.


Quick Summary:

A year ago God gave me the before-mentioned acrostic dream with the accompanying sign of the letter sent me asking about another acrostic, "m.a.n.". (That was on Oct. 26, 2003). It was a sign that I now know was then pointing to another acrostic, the massive bible-code acrostic of Jacob that was to be revealed to me now, a year later. It spoke more than I knew then, of course. And, as always, God mightily watched over His word to perform it. (I believe that angels consider and watch amazed more than us mortals. And I am sure that devils tremble at the roar of His majesty!)

Bible Code. Lion of Judah as Cherub.The acrostic spoke of the fact that God was the one who would put him to death, and that the mortal illness would be a secret. The dream was also accompanied with heavenly signs, that is, solar flares that shoot out radiation from the sun, about which I deduced was the name of the plague, that is, radioactivity. Then it was revealed to me about Russia. Then, a year later came the acrostic bible code about Edom (Esau) and Russia (Gog), deciphered over the same period that Arafat was dying of a "secret death." 

God put him to death as a type of the beast to come. For the beast to come will surely die on God's time-table just as he did! And in the middle of the seven-day period of Arafat's death, there occurred another solar flare and brilliant northern lights. The stars also falling. Besides all this, the numeric is nothing short of astounding.  Mene-tekel-uparsin, the beast was numbered, (as also says Jacob's acrostic)!


To continue: The importance of the acrostic bible code



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