The Timing of Arafat's Death

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See Jacob's Acrostic Prophecy


The Sign of Arafat, the Bull, continued:
The timing of Arafat's death.


In the bible code acrostic, Edom (Esau) is the bull and Russia (Gog) is the bear. 

Historically, Esau was the brother of Jacob, ancestor of Edom. The name, Edom, means "man" and "red." The etymology for Russia also likely means, "red." Edom represents the brethren of Israel at enmity with them---that is, the Arabs. Russia represents the rest of the nations in enmity against Israel. 

The greatest and longest-lasting figure that embodies well the Arab animosity against Israel is the late Yasser Arafat. Arafat is like Esau of old. Even his rugged appearance reminds us of the ruggedness of Esau, the hunter, which is emphasized in the bible.  

Now it happened that as I was decoding the acrostic about Esau, "the bull"  and his animosity against Jacob (Israel) and his secret plans to destroy Israel, and about Esau's sudden death at the hands of God---it was at that same time that Arafat took ill. Even as I continued to decode this portion of the acrostic about Esau, Arafat grew worse and worse and was flown to France. As I further decoded it, suddenly he died. (The acrostic was very lengthy and took several weeks to decode). He died on Nov. 4, 2004. (This happens to be exactly 1150 days after the fall of the Twin Towers. See Daniel 8:14 and bible numbers site. See also article about 1150 and Arafat.) 

But the Nov. 4th death proved to be a false alarm; (or was it?) But then exactly one week later he did finally die---Nov. 11, 2004. In the middle of that same week, Sunday night of the 7th, I saw the most powerful northern-light display by far that I have ever witnessed. The news reported that people were stopping their cars on the major highway to observe the lights. There were also falling stars that same night, (as it was the annual meteor shower). And I recalled

As said, Arafat

The date (1922) is also what another day represented four years earlier, that is, the day when I began decoding the mene-tekel-bible code. (This is the same bible code that I saw in my acrostic-dream. The AD 1922 of the mene-code follows a related timeline different by 15 years on the 360-calendar [5460 days], and represents the difference between 1290 + 1290 and 1260 + 1335 years, that span back to the fall of Jerusalem according to Ezekiel's dated prophecies. About these things we cannot go into detail here. See the bible numbers sites.) 

Then I remembered the acrostic-dream of a year ago, that read, "(Which) is the one putting him to death," and "The name of his terminal illness is a secret." At that time I understood the "plague" as upon the entire Russian army (and her confederacy). Yet I did ponder at that time if perhaps the acrostic for mene-tekel-uparsin also referred to an individual, as it had Saddam Hussein

Then I recalled all the fuss in the news as to the secret of Arafat's illness. What ailed him? (AIDS is suspected.) The secret of his illness remains in the news till now, (Nov. 22). Hence, the acrostic-mene-tekel code (prompted from the dream) came to pass, "The name of his mortal illness is a secret," and "The one putting him to death." Moreover, the acrostic dream, as it turned out, was a prelude to the acrostic code deciphered one year later that also speaks about Arafat, (that is, "Esau").

As said, I did not think of Arafat at the time of the acrostic-dream one year ago, (that I can recall). At that time I was thinking about Russia. However, the massive acrostic in Jacob's prophecy deciphered one-year after the dream does, in any case, link Esau (Arafat) with a Russian invasion! Hence, my initial interpretation of the acrostic-dream was still accurate, though incomplete. 

To continue about Esau the bull: Edom = M.A.N.


(Click here for more on the bible numbers. They have nothing to do with occult numerology anymore than a bible prophet has anything to do with a prophet of Baal!) 

Jacob's Acrostic Prophecy

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