What is the difference between Horoscopes and Numerology
to the Bible Codes and Bible Numbers?


Also discusses Yasser Arafat
 and the Acrostic Bible Code

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See Jacob's Acrostic Prophecy

Ten Pages
Page one: Are bible codes horoscopes?
Page two: Why are bible codes so complex?
Page three: What about "The DaVinci Code?" 
Page four: What good are the bible codes?
Page five: The Sign of Arafat, the Bull
Page six: Timing of Arafat's death
Page seven: M.a.n. and Arafat's burial
Page eight: God desires all to be saved
Page nine: Importance of the acrostic
Page ten: How to be saved from wrath
See Jacob's Acrostic Prophecy


The importance of the acrostic bible code


I don't expect that many non-Jews will understand the importance of Arafat being a sign of the destruction of the beast that is to come, (as was Saddam), however, when the time of Jacob's trouble comes, then so will come the significance of these words of encouragement. It is not meant for now, but later. 

And so all His enemies will be destroyed. The question is this, On what side are you? 

You must be born-again! 

To continue: How to be saved from wrath.



Jacob's Acrostic Prophecy

Also see, Arafat the bull:
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