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(Arafat is a type of Esau and Esau was the twin-brother of Jacob, and Arafat is a type of Esau.)

Hence, there are 11 x 360 = 3960 + 30-day intercalary month = 3990 days. Thus the two calendars are 3990 days apart, which hence symbolizes 3990 years. Thus, when the 597 BC (Nisan 1) = as AD 1, then the 586 BC Nisan 1 = as AD 3991. But when the 586 BC, Nisan 1 represents as AD 1, then the 597 Nisan 1 equals as 3990 BC. 

Thus, the symbolic years of Arafat's birth forwarded 1260 x 2 years from 586 BC Nisan 1 (of 360 calendar) = literal AD 1935, so that Aug. 4 and Aug. 24 of AD 1929 (Arafat's birth-dates) = as symbolic 2025 BC and 2005 BC. Plus the 40 days inclusive of the cleansing period = as 1986 and 1966 BC (or 1985 and 1965 BC non-inclusive reckoning). Now note the following what happens when we subtract the 3990 years from these four symbolic dates. We arrive at the exact mirror of all four dates: AD 1966, 1986, 2005, and 2025. Note the mirror of the dates between the two columns. Notice also that they are each 20 years apart. Also note that Esau (and Jacob) was born on 2006 BC, and was married on 1966 BC. Note also the official 40-days of mourning at Arafat's death, that corresponds the the 40 days at his birth. Esau's father, Isaac, was married to Rebecca on 2026 BC. (See below chart.) Note the theme of marriage, and how the marriage supper of the lamb occurs immediate after the battle of Armageddon, which is at the end of the seven years of the Great Tribulation period. 

(Note: when 4020-days difference is used then all dates are less 30 days on right column. Since this was written, a little fine tuning was made on the calendar! I now know that 4020 is correct. For corrected figures see, "*". However, the conclusions are largely still correct. The mirroring is still there, only it is more complex than first thought. Also see +4000 to each other for 3 sets of numbers. "Esau is coming with 400 men.")

586 BC Nisan 1 reckoning as AD 1 597 BC Nisan 1 reckoning as AD 1
Arafat's birth
 as Aug. 4, 1929
2025 BC AD 1966   (1996*)
Plus 40 days of cleansing according to the law of Moses 1986 BC
(or, 1985)
AD 2005   (2035*)
(or, 2006)
Arafat's birth
 as Aug. 24, 1929
2005 BC  AD 1986   (2016*)
Plus 40 days of cleansing according to the law of Moses 1966 BC
(or, 1965)
AD 2025   (2055*)
(or, 2026)


All these dates are of supreme importance in the numbers. They are really the Messiah's dates, for Jacob is a type of Jesus, and Esau was the twin of Jacob, and Arafat was a type of Esau. (Thus, Esau and Jacob were born on the same year and day---2006 BC.) Hence, Arafat's birth-dates reflect those of Jesus, but as an antichrist. They give us a sneak preview of the numeric of the actual Antichrist to come. These numbers form a gridlock. They also align the 40 years spent wandering in the desert between 1446 and 1406 BC by 70 jubilees, or 490 x 7. (See bible numbers chart that shows that Pentecost 1445 BC should have been when the jubilee cycles began, but was delayed 39 years until 1406 BC when they entered Canaan. This means that 49 x 70 (7 x 7 x 7 x 10) years later equals spring of AD 1986 and 2025---agreeing exactly to the chart. The 1966 and 2005 represent 2000 (50 x 40) and 1960 (49 x 40) to Messiah's actual birth. Also note 1150 x 3. Note that the jubilee and the sevens are preeminent in the life of Jacob. He was 77 when he fled from his brother Esau. He then worked 7 + 7 years for two wives. He died at 147 years of age, (49 x 3). He went into Exile into Egypt (1876 BC) 777 years after Lamech died at 777 years of age, which puts the year of Lamech as 3430 BC, which is 490 x 7, or 49 x 7 years of age, etc. See the 7 and 77 of the evil Lamech. Jacob fled from Esau and worked for a wife between the years 1929 -1922 BC. It happens that there are 483 years from 1929 to the exodus of 1446. (483 is 490 less the seven years as spoken of in Daniel 9:21-24.) This connects it as 80 jubilees from 1929 BC to 1985 to 1992, and note the 7 days (inclusive) of the circumcision of a male of Esau/Arafat etc. This leads us into the death-dates of Arafat, which repeat the above, only in a different pattern. Note that he dies on the day he was born and was born on the day he died! (I.e., November of 2004 according to Jewish reckoning includes AD 2005 until September. Note the 2005 of the above chart. He was born in AD 1929, note the 1929 BC of the below chart.) 


(Note: When 4020-days difference is used then all dates are less 30 days on right column. Since this was written, I now know that 4020 is correct. The mirroring is still there, only it is more complex than first thought.)

586 BC Nisan 1 reckoning as AD 1 597 BC Nisan 1 reckoning as AD 1
Arafat's death
 as Nov. 4, 2004
1929 BC AD 2062
Plus 40 days
 of mourning
1890 BC
(or, 1889)
AD 2101
(or, 2102)
Arafat's death
 as Nov. 11, 2004
1922 BC  AD 2069
Plus 40 days
 of mourning
1883 BC
(or, 1882)
AD 2108
(or, 2109)



The dates of Arafat's death are chiefly associated with the number 430 (of Ezekiel 4) just as the day of his birth was mainly associated with the 490 (of Daniel 9). The dates of Arafat's death are easy to understand, but not so easy is the 40 days of mourning in the 597 BC reckoning. 

The above dates of 1929 and 1922 BC are particularly significant in that this was the seven years that Jacob worked for wife, when he fled from Esau his twin-brother, (of whom Arafat is a type). Arafat, himself, was born AD 1929, the mirror of 1929 BC. Jacob's father, Isaac was born 2066 BC. (Isaac was given a wife 40 years later in 2026 BC.) Hence, the birth of Isaac in 2066 divides the 2062 and 2069 in half. Thus the seven is divided in half, in agreement with the bible numbers. Moreover, the death of Isaac occurred in 1886 BC at the age of 180. This means that the death of Isaac also divides the 40 (or 39 inclusive) days of mourning between 1890 and 1883 BC. (And, or, 1889 and 1882 BC). 

Moreover, the symbolic day that represents the end of the 390 days that Ezekiel lay on his side occurred in 2066-2059 (or 2036) BC. Note the 430 at his birth ending 2026, etc.

Please note that we have been forwarding the numbers from Ezekiel by 1260 + 1335 years to his death. However, it can also be forwarded by 1290 + 1290  years too, which is 430 x 6, and which is 430 x 8 to the exodus, etc. (See also 490 x 7 from exodus and 1150 x 3). The dates arrived at using the 1290 x 2 up from Ezekiel are those used elsewhere to date the mene-tekel code. Essentially, one cycle of symbolic dating sometimes overlaps another, as in this case. (But not in 1929, which was 1260 x 2 from Ezekiel.) The 1290 x 2 years forwarded puts all dates up 15 years, the difference between 1260 + 1335 years, and 1290 + 1290 years. This amounts to 5460 days. (15 x 360 days, plus two leap months = 5460.) I have found that the numbers will work in both cases---uninterrupted. Impossible? Just try them! This would move all numbers ahead 5460 symbolic years so that 2025 BC and 2005 BC of Arafat's birth becomes as AD 3436 and 3456, which is 490 x 7 (49 x 70) to AD 6 and 26, the mirror of Christ birth and to when he began his ministry! Moreover, AD 3456 less 4900 years (49 x 100) = 1445 BC of the jubilee which means that 1966 BC less the 5460 year-switch = AD 3495, which is 4900 to 1406 BC, the year of conquest, and when the jubilees officially begin? And this is interesting since this means that the cycles of 490 are broken down into this pattern: 490 x 3 + 490 x 7 = 4900, and/or, the exact opposite with 7 x 490 to Christ and 3 x 490 to the exodus/conquest, etc. The dates are also intersecting 445 and 536 BC/AD which are pivotal dates to do with the 490 of Daniel 9. (That is, the decrees to restore and rebuild Jerusalem). And they intersect with Jacob's 490's as well. One could not have chosen as series of 8 different dates more perfectly than those associated with Arafat's birth and death. What are the odds of 8 specific days within 10,000 days or so (between his birth and death, allowing for the unused 1290 + 1260 years forwarded), being landed on so perfectly? This would be 10,000 x 10,000 x 10,000 eight times if we want a ruff random chance statistic. That equals a number with about 32 zero's in it! Even if we make it to be only four accurate dates, not counting the plus 40 days, it still amounts to one in  10,000,000,000,000,000--- still a very big number! And what about the fact that he was born in Jerusalem and/or Egypt (similar to Christ's pattern), and that he has two places of burial too. (They intend to rebury him in Jerusalem first chance the Palestinians get.) No, but this is the finger of God! 

Moreover, 1993, Sept. 13, the day of Arafat's glory when he made a pretense peace treaty (as referred to in the acrostic bible code--- a type of the one to come) with Israel's Prime minister and with President Clinton presiding, that day works out to be as 539 BC, which is the symbolic date of the fall of Babylon. (See + 2300 days to Year 2000 world-wide Babylonian party, etc.) It is also, therefore, when the writing on the wall occurred (539 BC). And the writing on the wall ("mene mene tekel uparsin") is also the bible code acrostic that the Lord gave me a year before Arafat took ill. It all began with a dream a year ago on Oct. 26, 2003, in the which I was (accurately) interpreting an acrostic in my dream. (It was the same period as the record solar flares.) In the dream the acrostic read: "Which is the One putting him to death!" After I awoke the Lord showed me that the "mene-mene-tekel-uparsin" acrostic also reads, "The name of His plague [lit., "mortal illness"] is a secret."  It happens that one year later the acrostic of Jacob of Genesis 49 was revealed to me which talks about the bull Esau/Arafat "being put to death," the cause of his death being kept a secret by the French doctors! The acrostic likens the certainty of Esau's death to the certainty of "Gog's" death, (that is, a future Russian leader and enemy of Israel, Ezek. 38). Both will have an unwanted burial location. Arafat (Esau) was the main enemy of Israel in the Arab world (Edom), as Russia is among the rest of the world. Both leaders will die a mysterious death. (See Ezekiel 36-39 concerning Edom and the "far north," that is, Russia.) However, the "secret" name by which Gog and his armies will die, I believe, is now revealed; namely, atomic warfare.

The 7 + 3 = 10 pattern (of the 490's) is a very important one in the numbers. and is one used frequently to do with the mene-tekel code and the moth bible code. Essentially it is a way of emphasizing the fullness of time since these three numbers, 3, 7, and 10 all mean completion or perfection in bible numeric. Moreover, 4900 is 70 squared, a way of emphasizing its importance. However, using the 597 BC dateline, AD 2025 becomes AD 7485, which means that it is getting out of range for dates meaningful to our era and the era of biblical history. Thus, the 1260 + 1335 is preferred as far as using both the 586 and 597 BC reference points as shown in the above charts. This is not to say that there is not a pattern yet with these very distance numbers---there is, but they are less obvious and are not meant to be primary before our minds. This is the case once a date is beyond about 4000 BC or AD.  Part of the reason the 490 x 3 pattern is happening is because the difference between 3990 and 5460 are 1470, which is 490 x 3. But because the dates at the birth of Arafat are the same in both AD and BC, this pattern would exist anyways. But God has arranged the bible numbers to work this way. It is His doing that the difference is 1470 days. It could, after all, have been some other number. Knowing how something is working does not make it the less glorious. It shows design.



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