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I don't suspect that there will be too many people interested in the following due to its complexity, so I will not try to simply it. Besides, I see the possibility for abuse so I will leave it as is. I discuss this and similar things in the numbers website anyway, as well as in a few documents on the bible-code website. This is how we arrive at the symbolic day-years:

(For details on how the this time-grid works, see note in, "Mount Carmel Fire".) 

The date of Arafat's birth (Aug. 4, 1929) on the 360 calendar is of particular significance. That day was Tammuz, or Elul 16th, (depending on when the leap month is added.)  (It was Tammuz 27th on the modern Jewish solar/lunar calendar). This makes it 401 or 431 days from when God appeared to Ezekiel seven days, and then told him to lay on his side to bear the sins of the houses of Israel and Judah, (plus 1260 + 1260 years). I have studied these numbers literally for about 25,000 hours. I do not mean to digress at this point so I will simply say that he was born on a day that symbolically represents 2025 BC. (Or, for the record, as AD 1966 as well, with the 'zero' BC/AD symbolic year in the literal spring-new-year of 593 BC, according as the prophecies of Ezekiel are dated. It happens that AD 1966 is the mirror of 1966 BC, the year Esau was married at age 40 years. This creates a most amazing pattern. It creates a gridlock of numbers). (All exact days are initially calibrated to that of the life of Christ, so that Saturday, Dec. 25, 1 BC [the traditional birth date of Christ] represents as AD 2135, for example, Tevet 9 on the normal Jewish calendar, but Tebeth 5th on the 360 calendar. All dates are then forwarded or go backward by biblical numeric spans of time, such as cycles of 490, 430, or 360 years of time. (For example, the exodus in 1446 BC was 360 x 4 years till 6 BC. Thus, the spring-new-years of both 6 and 1446 BC symbolized as AD 1. And 2135 days after the spring-new-year of literal AD 6 was, as said, Dec. 25, 1 BC, which, therefore, symbolized as AD 2135. See
. These are the symbolic day/years that began to be revealed to me back on Christmas of 1992, which was my 30th [360-calendar] birthday, which was also 430 days after the numbers first began to be revealed to me.)

In the case of Arafat's death, it is 1260 + 1335 years (i.e., biblical numbers) from Ezekiel in 592 BC, but only after Ezekiel (and all epochs) are calibrated, as said, to Jesus the Messiah.


Hence, Arafat died 75 years and 96 [or 103] days (on the 360 calendar), which is why his death, symbolically speaking, was as 1929 or 1922 BC. The 75 years between his birth and death is the difference between the 1260 of Revelation 11, and the 1335 of Daniel 12. (1290 is simply 1260 with a leap month added.) That is, literal Aug. 592 BC (of Ezekiel 4) plus 1260 + 1260 years = literal Aug. 1929; therefore, Aug. 592 BC plus 1260 + 1335 years (1260 + 75) = Aug. 2004. Plus, 103 days more till his death. 

Thus, as 2025 BC signified Arafat's birth, so less 103 days = 1922 BC, which, as said, is the symbolic day that he died. All the numbers are simply being forwarded from what each day symbolized to Ezekiel the prophet. The dates are simply calculated when spring-new-year of 586 BC (when Jerusalem fell) is taken to be as symbolic AD 1, so that every day before and after it represents a year of time. (The temple of Ezekiel in chapter 40 is dated to this time). Hence, the fall of Jerusalem occurred on the 99th day of that year, which therefore signifies AD 99. Likewise, counting backward, Ezekiel began his own symbolic siege seven years before that, in Tammuz 5 to 12th of 593 BC. This week symbolized seven years. That is, Tammuz 5 to 12th of 593 BC symbolized the years of 2426 to 2419 BC. Or, if a leap-month is inserted, than as 2456 to 2449 BC. (See the balance bible code which came to me precisely 1260 + 1335 years after Ezekiel finished bearing the sin of the house of Israel---to the very day, etc. The balance bible code is also all about bearing the burden of sin. And it is about the enemies of God being weighed in the balances.)

2025 BC is a pivotal point of time in bible numbers, but I won't take time now to show how. It particularly works in the mirror (but not merely so). For instance, 2025 BC plus 70 jubilees (70 x 49, or, 7 x 7 x 7 x 10) = AD 1406, the mirror of when Israel entered the Promised Land in 1406 BC, and when the jubilee cycles officially commenced. (Arafat was largely responsible for taking back land form Israel through bogus peace talks. He took Jericho and Bethlehem, for example.) Hence, the actual literal AD 2025 coming up is a very important year on God's calendar. Interestingly, there were 490 x 7 years from the exodus of Israel from Egypt in 1446 BC unto when "Operation Exodus/Moses" occurred around spring of AD 1985, as prophesied in the acrostic about Dan, when thousands of Danites of Ethiopia were snatched and returned to their native homeland of Israel. It was their Jubilee---a prelude to what is to come!

I could go on, but this is sufficient to show that there is a connection, both numerically and thematically to Yasser Arafat's death to the Acrostic of Genesis 49, deciphered even as he took ill and then died.

Below is a chart put on the Net 7 years ago, as explained at 1260 days Bible Prophecy.

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