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"Arafat died on the day he was born and was born on the day he died!!!"
"The chances of this happening on both his birth and death are remote indeed!"

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1260 + 1260 days is the same as 3 + 3 years, a span of time common in the prophetic writing in the bible. It represents a seven year period. (There's that seven-years again!) 1260 + 1260 = 2520 days. 2520 days divided by 360 days-in-a-prophetic-year equals seven years. (See )

Hence, 1260 + 1260 years means that each day symbolizes a year, as is explicitly stated in Ezek. 4. 

The number 1260 first appears in Revelation 11:3, and scholars generally agree that this 1260 of Revelation 11:3 is but one of two consecutive 1260-day periods. In that same passage the "beast" is said to kill the two witnesses. 

Rev 11:7-8 "And when they shall have finished their testimony, the beast that cometh up out of the abyss shall make war with them, and overcome them, and kill them. And their dead bodies lie in the street of the great city, which spiritually is called Sodom and Egypt, where also their Lord was crucified."

Note that the acrostic bible code compares Esau (ancestor of the Edomites) to both a jackal and a wild bull with horns. (See Daniel 7:21.) Esau is a type of this "beast." Esau, like Arafat, is but one of many such enemies throughout history. Arafat is a type of the antichrist to come. In many ways he falls short, but in many ways he is similar. For instance, note that the two witness lie dead in Jerusalem, called cryptically, "Sodom and Egypt." It happens that Arafat was born in Egypt, but claims to have been born in Jerusalem, where he was in fact raised. (See Revelation 12 for the 1260 there, where the birth of Jesus is in view, when he fled with his parents from Jerusalem to live in Egypt when He was but a baby.) 

Numerous comparisons of Yasser Arafat with the bible (especially Revelation 11-13) can be made when we see Arafat as a type of Esau, who in turn is a type of "beast" of Revelation. As said, the acrostic likens Esau to a bull, which is what the bible likens him to in Genesis 21:40, when his father Isaac "blessed" him. That was in 1929 BC, the time Jacob fled from his brother Esau for his life. 1929 BC is also the symbolic day/year when Arafat died, as said earlier. (And it is the mirror of Arafat's birth in AD 1929 [and AD 1922].) It is also when Jacob made a seven-year covenant to work for Laban for a wife, (1929 to 1922 BC, Genesis 29:18). He ended up, however, getting Leah and Rachel for wives. Leah's name means, "cow," Rachel's name means, "ewe-lamb." The meaning of these names take on importance in the interpretation of Jacob's acrostic riddles. (Or rather, God's riddle through Jacob.) The book of Revelation contrasts the "Lamb" (who opens the scroll and wages war with the beast), to the "beast." The acrostic likewise does this. The acrostic likens Jesus to a lion (Revelation 5:5-6) and a ram who overcomes the bull and the bear. A close reading shows that Jesus is also likened unto a sacrificed bull and lamb, and bears the burden of sin as would a donkey his load. The use of animals as similes is in agreement with the use of animals in the actual blessing given by Jacob to his 12 sons, in which the acrostic is found.

In fear, Jacob fled from Laban with his wives and children (after 20 years service, in 1909 BC), and crosses the Jordan only to meet his brother Esau coming with "400 armed men"! The specific number of "400 armed men" is mentioned twice, (Genesis 32:6 and 33:1). 

When a number is mentioned twice in the bible it is to highlight it. Earlier, the bible mentioned that Israel (that is, Jacob and his descendents) were to live in Egypt 400 years. However, the actual time-span turned out to be 430 years, (Genesis 15:13; Ex. 12:40). The number "400" (men) is intended to highlight the promise given to Abraham; that is, just as God was faithful to bring Jacob out of exile in Haran after 20 years (20 x 20 = 400), so God would bring his decedents out of Egypt in 400 years, just as promised. The "400 men" of Esau were a token reminder of this 400 years, (Genesis 15:13). (In the bible, the squaring of a number is a way to emphasize it. For example, a jubilee of 49 is 7 x 7 days or years. The entire 360-calendar is made up of square-root numbers.)

It happens that from the day God told Ezekiel to bear the sin of the house of Israel and Judah 430 days (390 + 40), "a day for each year," (as patterned after the 430 [400] years spent in Egypt), plus 1260 + 1260 literal years later, equals June of AD 1928; this, plus the said 400 (or 430) days of Ezekiel equals August 4, AD 1929, the day Yasser Arafat was born! (Note the acrostic, "Bearing a load is my destiny marked in the heavens.") In other words, from the time Ezekiel the prophet finished bearing the sin of Judah (Ezek. 4), until the birth of Arafat are exactly 1260 x 2 years, to the day. However, Arafat is the opposite of Jesus (Yeshua), just as Esau was the opposite of his twin-brother Jacob. (Hence, they were both born the same day. What is true numerically about Jacob's birth would also have been true about Esau---though they lived very different lives. (This is why horoscopes are futile. Lines drawn in the sand can unexpectedly change course. Only God knows the future. When I see numbers, I see Christ---not men! He is the key to understanding.)

Yasser Arafat was born 1260 + 1260 years and 400 days up from Ezek. 4. Why was it not 430 days, as is stated in Ezek. 4? The reason is that the "400" (men) of Esau is being drawn to our attention. If it were 430 days, then we would overlook the connection to Esau's 400 men, wouldn't we? God in His wisdom made it 400 days, just as there were "400 years" prophesied for Israel to live exiled in Egypt, but in fact the number turned out to be 430. (There were 390 years to when Moses attempted to deliver Israel, and another 40 years later he in fact did so. Thus we have the same pattern as the 390 + 40 of Ezekiel. Furthermore, the exodus occurred in 1446 BC. This, plus 430 + 430 years later was the fall of Jerusalem in 586 BC, seven years after Ezekiel's said symbolic siege. Moreover, the 430 + 430, PLUS the 430 spent in Egypt = 1290---the number in Daniel. 12. (See chart at bottom.) However, 430 + 430 + the 400 round number prophesied to Abraham equals 1260 years, the number in Revelation 11-12. I could go on, but see chart at bottom, and the numbers website. The point is that I am not making up these numbers after Arafat's death, but these are those that have been on the Internet now longer than seven years. Moreover, the dates used are those commonly received by modern evangelical biblical scholars. I did not invent them!!!)

Back to Jacob when he fled from his uncle Laban!

God breaks Jacob in a wrestle and wounds him at daybreak, just before he meets his twin brother Esau and his 400 men. God changes the heart of Esau in answer to Jacob's prayer and instead of killing his brother and family, instead, Esau gives his brother a warm hug and they part company. However, in the acrostic, Esau turns back to attack Jacob after giving him a deceitful hug, but then and there, God cuts him down and Israel looks upon Him whom they pierced. This is a picture of what is to come when Edom and the northern powers attack Israel "in the latter days," in agreement with all the prophets of the Old and New Testaments. 

The hug of Esau is like the handshake on Sept. 13, 1993 between Arafat and the Israeli Prime Minister---with President Clinton in the middle. Arafat kept nothing of what he promised that day. This is not to say that Israel is righteous. NO! They are back in the land in unbelief. But nevertheless, Arafat might well have been a source of good to both his people and his brethren, Israel, had he not held so deep a grudge against his brother. God does not take delight in the death of any man. It is for ancient hostility that God now calls Arafat to account, as he will any man that lives in rebellion, unforgiveness, and sin; and who reject the Messiah, that is, Yeshua (Jesus), the sacrificed Lamb, and coming Lion.

Arafat wanted to be buried on the temple mount in Jerusalem, but Israel refused.

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