and the Ongoing Storms

Another sign!


(Also see "EF-5 tornado devastates Joplin" just as the closing minutes of the predicted week for "terrible tornadoes and fires" was concluding, {May 22, 2011} -- as predicted back in January of 2011.)



Mt. Carmel in Israel

and the USA!

(The following was originally written with the forum in mind
 so that it is written in a more casual style.)

(April 12, 2006 [Passover])


Why this is written?

The purpose of these series of articles that detail the rhyme and reason for when these events (including events surrounding Saddam Hussein from the time that the Twin Towers fell) is to demonstrate that God has everything timed. It is to prove that God alone can predict things like a storm years in advance. He alone is God! 

Dan 9:26 "And after the sixty-two weeks shall Messiah be cut off, and shall have nothing; and the people of the prince that shall come shall destroy the city and the sanctuary; and the end thereof shall be with an overflow (flood), and unto the end, war, --the desolations determined."

We are not saying that this is the final fulfillment of Bible prophecy. Instead, what we are saying is that God is now revealing the kind of numeric patterns that He uses when He "determines" world events. These numeric patterns can be studied and learned from in order to prepare the yet future generation to come who will actually see the final and culminated fulfillment of all things in a future period often referred to as "The Great Tribulation Period". This work is to prepare that future generation. The only claim that I am personally making is that the work in the Picture Bible Codes and numbers is a partial fulfillment of the prophecy in Daniel:

Dan 12:4, 9 And thou, Daniel, close the words, and seal the book, till the time of the end. Many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased. ... And he said, Go thy way, Daniel; for these words are closed and sealed till the time of the end.

Dan 12:10-13 Many shall be purified, and be made white, and be refined; but the wicked shall do wickedly: and none of the wicked shall understand; but the wise shall understand. And from the time that the continual sacrifice is taken away, and the abomination that maketh desolate set up, there shall be a thousand, two hundred, and ninety days. Blessed is he that waiteth, and cometh to the thousand three hundred and thirty-five days!}

God began revealing these things to me since 1991. Each revelation is also timed, using the numeric revealed in the above prophecy of the 1260/1290 and 1335 days/years. These revelations were accompanied by a steady stream of personal signs that goaded me to further study. Beyond this I make no other claim. (Also see "How my Prophetic Calling Works".)



I just popped over here now to add the following thoughts to these posts and it fits so perfectly into what the past two posters were saying that I can't help but believe that God wants me to say this...

I noticed yesterday that the very rare tornado and hail that fell in Israel on April 4 (2006) first passed directly over Mount Carmel which is where Elijah had his confrontation with the prophets of Baal. After God sent fire (lightning?) down from heaven and consumed the 12-stoned altar and offering thereby proving that "the Lord is God", then Elijah prayed seven times toward the sea for rain --- and then a cloud "the size of a man's hand" rose up from the sea. And then Elijah told king Ahab to hitch his chariot and get moving to Jezreel before the rains flooded his path, (for there had been a seven-year drought cut short in half). Well, the very unusual tornado (and hail) in Israel on April 4 came from the same direction as it had for Elijah when he prayed. This means that the unusual storm on April 4th first passed over west Mount Carmel and then produced the tornado and hail in the Akko (Acre) valley below. (Also recall the tornado at Mount Horeb when Elijah fled to  to escape Jezebel.) 

Moreover, two days before this storm --- on April 2, 2006, there was a series of tornadoes in the United States that killed about 27 people, but in Israel that same day there were flooding rains that killed 5 people. One of the places that was flooded was the road to Jezreel at Mount Megiddo (where highway 66 and highway 65 meet). --- These are the same ancient roads that date back to before the time of Elijah. --- Thus, the road to Jezreel was flooded the same as in the days of Elijah --- about half way along the route to Jezreel, at a place called Armageddon (Megiddo)! (Sounds like God is trying to say something!) And then the day after the tornado (on April 5th) that road was again flooded with rain --- a rain that "only comes about every 100 years." (See bottom of article for links to news articles about these things.) (All this is occurring about half the 1290 days from the Balance Bible Code, but that is another ongoing story!) 

I noticed all this about the tornadoes yesterday, starting about 11am, which is Pentecost on the 360 calendar, but which on the regular Jewish calendar is Nisan 13th, the anniversary of when Judas betrayed Jesus for 30 pieces of silver. (This is why I mention all this here in this series of posts --- where we discuss the connection between the Judas document as a sign of the soon rise of antichrist.)

Anyway, yesterday (April 11) was seven days after the tornado in Israel --- yet it is so much more, but that would be a vast study, believe me!


Those very seven days [April 4-11, 2006] symbolize the seven years that precede the entry into the promised land, (from 1413 to 1406 BC). There is a grid being forwarded to now from the time of Ezekiel {by 1260 + 1335 literal years}. This time grid is based upon the dates in his prophecy wherein each day represents a consecutive symbolic year of time along a time- grid. (This is discussed elsewhere.) It was revealed to me some 15 years ago and is often discussed on my websites. Each day is counting down in symbolic years, with each day representing a consecutive year of time. But this is too complex to detail now. 

This seven days/years between 1413 and 1406 BC is a foreshadow of the seven-years that is to come called the Great Tribulation Period. This seven years that precedes the entry into the Promised land (from 1413 and 1406) represents the last seven years of a jubilee cycle since the jubilee cycles commanded by Moses began at the entry into the Promised land in 1406 BC.

(Moreover, this day, April 11, 2006, is also Pentecost on the 360 calendar, which comes "seven weeks" after the feast of First Fruits, etc. Thus the seven weeks to Pentecost in days overlap and agree with the seven weeks of years that make up a jubilee cycle as commanded by Moses. AD 1 represents Nisan/Abib 1, and we are simply counting forward and backward from there using the 360 calendar with its regular leap-month adjustments. The dates are simply being forward from the religious New Year of Nisan/Abib 1 in 586 BC, which is the year of the fall of Jerusalem 1260 + 1335 years earlier. All this is derived from the prophecies recorded for us in the book of Ezekiel. I speak about this grid over and over again in different articles because I know that it is a new concept, but one I assure you was revealed to me by revelation, and not by human wit. The main purpose of these storms and floods over the past two years is to vindicate this grid and the understanding of the bible numbers as revealed so that people will be prepared for that terrible storm that is to come, that is, the final seven-years tribulation period --- whenever that will be. The websites contain dozens of examples like the one you are reading now, with each of them as complex as this one.)


"The dividing of the week" (Dan. 9:24-27)

This week of April 4 to 11 of which we speak is divided up in half in the same way as it is in bible prophecy. The middle of the week of April 4 to 11th (2006) saw another series of tornadoes occur roughly in the same area in the United States (90 tornadoes over a three-day span, with the evening of April 7th being the worst), and on that very evening of April 7th, guess what the name of the city is that saw flooded streets and a great hail storm (and all the while there was tornado activity near by) --- the name of that US city was Mount Carmel, Illinois! It was also at this same hour that the Lord opened my eyes to understand the significance of the Gospel of Judas as an ominous sign of the coming "son of perdition". Both these things  ---the hail storm at Mount Carmel and the understanding of the sign concerning the false Gospel of Judas --- are signs of what is yet to come. They are simply foreshadows and types for us to learn by and by warned.

I believe that these tornados, the flood at Megiddo [Armageddon] on the road to Jezreel, the hail storms and the timing of the Gospel of Judas, etc, are all one sign and token of the seven-year tribulation that is yet to come as evident by the precise timing of when these events occurred. This timing is especially evident when analyzed against the backdrop of the said time-grid (i.e., 1413-1406 BC) wherein every successive day represents a successive year counted down in successive chronology. These things are given as a sign for us to observe and learn by and to be forewarned that the fulfillment of these bible prophecies are soon to come. They are meant to be both instructive and they are meant to stir up our hope in His Second Coming. I also believe that the purpose of these things are to show that this time grid and the patterns in bible prophecy numbers are of Him and that God would have us to understand these things so as to prepare those that will experience these coming days of the Great Tribulation period. In that day they will need extra hope and courage, and by God showing that He is so mightily in control it will be both an encouragement to the afflicted and a fearful rebuke to those afflicting --- that is, the demonic realm. For they will "know that their time is short," (Rev. 12:12).

And these signs are also meant to aid us in our understanding now so that we might have all the more confidence that all things are indeed winding down toward the final climax of the ages. And the knowledge of these things are intended to teach us that the bible numbers are far more complex than once thought and thus we need to be careful not to latch on to any particular scenario in our minds because there are a great number of possibilities as to how all things will work themselves out. We see different possibilities on the horizon, but these are meant to keep our eyes open --- watching --- waiting --- believing in Him who promised that He would return again. Therefore we must resist the temptation to fixate on any future date, though we may wonder --- as I will do here. But it will never be exactly as we think. My job is to tell others what God has showed me and to use the prophetic gift He gave me for His people's sake, whether they believe me or not. And to be frank, it is embarrassing for me to speak so authoritatively on this subject knowing that people will scoff, but after 20 years of being taught by the Holy Spirit day by day as to these things, well, one comes to the point of just executing ones calling as a simple servant with no regard for protecting your own reputation. 

Back to our study!

The first half of this week (three-and-one-half days out of the seven) from April 4 to 7 (Nisan 6 to 10), as said, symbolize the first 3.5 years (a day for a year) of the Great Tribulation period as bracketed by the tornado and hail just over Mount Carmel of Israel and the tornadoes and hail in (and near) Mount Carmel of the United States! This 3.5 days symbolizes the 3.5 years that the "two witnesses" of Rev. 11 prophesy, whom the bible likens unto Moses and Elijah. The middle of this week (April 7) is also when God gave me the understanding about the public revealing of the false Judas Gospel as a sign of the revealing of the coming antichrist (both called, "the son of perdition"), and it is in the middle of the week of seven years that the antichrist is in fact to be revealed as per the prophecy in the book of Thessalonians as discussed in the series of posts posted late April 7, 2006. So the revealing of the significance of the so-called Gospel of Judas was given at the very hour and day and year that also symbolized the middle of the week of a coming seven year tribulation period when Antichrist "the son of perdition" will also be revealed! And on that day there was a great hail storm in Mount Carmel 3.5 days after the one in Israel so as to highlight make certain the meaning of the sign --- for both the revealing of the antichrist and the death of the two witnesses occur at the end of the first 3.5 years. At least this is true of Elijah in the pattern being revealed here. The interesting thing is that the first week appears to emphasize Elijah whereas the second half of the week suggests Moses. The two witnesses of Rev. 11 are patterned after Moses and Elijah as any good commentary will acknowledge. Hopefully the following chart will help to pull together all our thoughts so far.


Why the two-day gap?

In the below chart I have added the events of April 2, 2006 which amazingly also span 3.5 days so as to overlap the week about which we have been speaking. (The 3.5 days between April 2-5 overlaps the 3.5 days between April 4-7. See chart below.) Indeed, I wish this complexity was not there! It would make it so much easier to explain! But, everything of everything in the bible numbers has two or three witnesses to them --- without exception. And all things point back or forward to Christ. And this is what we have here. The ministry years of John the Baptist and Christ from 26 to 29/30 AD are being addressed by the dates of April 2-5 as we will explain. (We assume a half-year gap between the ministries Christ and his forerunner John in accord with the half-year gap in their ages). Importantly, the bible compares John the Baptist to Elijah and Jesus to Moses and thus the 3.5 days between the two flooding-rain events in Israel on the road to Jezreel at the Megiddo pass, etc., are therefore highlighting the 3.5-year ministry of John the Baptist. John the Baptist "came in the spirit and power of Elijah" just as the antichrist will come in the spirit and power of "the son of perdition," that is, Judas Iscariot. (Only Judas and the antichrist are called "the son of perdition" thereby linking them together as the embodiment of betrayal.)

Note that this 3.5 days from April 2 -5 is Nisan 4-7 on the Jewish calendar, which thus divide the first week of the religious New Year of Moses neatly in half! (Nisan 1st to 4th to 7th inclusive.)  If we allow the month of April to simply represent the Jewish month of Nisan/Abib we solve the riddle for why this two-day gap. The two-day gap that exists between our modern calendar and the Jewish calendar is the very reason why the two-day gap between April 2 (Nisan 4) and April 4 (Nisan 6). That is, the 3.5 days from April 4 to April 7 mirrors the other 3.5 days from Nisan 4 to Nisan 7. Both calendars, therefore, represent the anniversary of the second half of the week of creation. The pattern is simply repeating itself twice for emphasis and for clarity. To sum up, then, Nisan 4th corresponds to April 4th in meaning --- the two days when the signs of the tornadoes were given.

This month of April 2006 is an unusual month for a number of reasons,. One reason is that this year the dates on our modern (Gregorian) calendar coincide with the traditional days for when Christ died and rose again. That is, Christians today use the pagan holiday of Easter as a substitute for the biblical Passover. {My goal is not to dialogue as to whether it was wise to make this substitution many centuries ago, but rather to simply say that I have observed that God still makes use of that which has become entrenched in human traditional for the sake of reaching out to men that they might be saved. Are we offended at His mercy? What if God would work a sign on Good Friday as concerning the death of Christ so that men might be saved God knowing that if He performed that sign on Passover instead then very few would even notice. So for mercy sake God also performs the same sign on the traditional observance, even though of undeniable pagan origin. Might I add that even the feasts of the Lord were once pagan feasts before the time of Moses? Does this not teach us that while we are not to add to the word of God, neither should we be too harsh on those who ignorantly did such now that the sands of time have long since removed its pagan origins except for a faint outline still visible in the trappings still clinging to holidays such as Christmas and Easter?} So this is what I believe God does, --- He gives us the same sign on both calendar systems --- the Jewish and the (western) Gentile calendars (along with the 360 prophetic calendar) "so that in the mouth of two or three witnesses every thing might be established." And this month is a classic example of this.

The Passover when Christ died, according to tradition, occurred on Friday, Nisan/Abib 14, and He rose from the dead two days later (three days inclusively reckoned as was common among the Jews of that time) on Sunday Nisan 16th, which was the festival of First Fruits. (I am not arguing as to whether this tradition is accurate, I am simply stating what that tradition is, and that God is merciful to make use of that tradition to communicate His truth. For I know that there are many that get bent out of shape over this issue!) Characteristically and naturally, Christians substitute the month of April to read as if it were the Jewish month of Nisan/Abib. Instead of Nisan 1 for convenience sake they convert it to April 1, and so on, all the way to Nisan 30 as represented by April 30th. It is our Gentile way of simplifying things. As it turns out, this year the days of the week and of when Easter occurs agrees with this way of viewing the month of April. That is, Easter falls on Friday April 14th this year, and Easter Sunday on April 16th, which therefore is the equivalent of Nisan 14th and Nisan 16th --- the actual feast days when Christ died and rose, (that is on Passover and First Fruits). It appears that God is taking advantage of this oddity (something that only occurs every 10 years or so) and this explains why there is the said two-day gap between the April 2 and April 4. (See main chart below.) The sign is simply repeating itself. We need to overlap them in our minds to get the full symbolism of these events. Thus, the 3.5 days between the flooding of the road to Jezreel from Mount Carmel that happened between Nisan 4 to the 7th agree with the 3.5 days between the tornado and hail that occurred near and at Mount Carmel in Israel and the USA from April 4 to the 7th. Hence, Nisan 4 to 7th is agreeing with April 4 to 7th, though two days apart. 

I realize that this is complicated for us mortals, but I am convinced that all this is rather elementary for angelic beings, be they true or fallen. And I think that the time has come for men to grasp these things too, being more educated and learned in our era and thus ready to hear and bear such things. This is also in agreement with the prophecy to Daniel that "knowledge would increase" in the last days, (Dan. 12). 

(Also, it is interesting to note is that this year, Good Friday, April 14th, the day Christ died according to tradition is Nisan 16th on the Jewish calendar --- the day Christ rose from the dead! And this day is 3.5 days after the April 11th tornado is Israel and 7 days after the tornadoes and hail at Mount Carmel and surrounding area, USA. See the "Two Intersecting Weeks" as discussed below.)

You will notice that these two days are precisely 645 days (half 1290) to the day in-between this two-day gap of April 2 and 4th from the Balance Bible Code as expected before these events happened. (See the other 18 events on the hurricane-chart. This event now as merely the 19th such storm-related sign! They interact with each other too, but that is another story!) In other words, I was expecting something related to tornadoes and storms to occur April 3, 2006, and this is that except more complex than anticipated. And for the record, I am not happy people got killed, nor does God delight in these things. But these thing are ordained to come --- 'they must be' --- in a sin cursed world.

(Also note the ascension of Christ from the Mount of Olives 40 days after his resurrection on the 360 calendar, which is patterned after Moses and Elijah up Mount Horeb also after 40 days.) 


Why America in contrast to Israel? 

Simply put, both are the "Promised Land" to many --- even Jews. But perhaps more ominously, the USA may end up playing a part in the "Mystery Babylon" of the book of Revelation.


Two Intersect Weeks

A close study reveals two intersecting weeks repeated two times. Here we just look at the one using our modern calendar. Remember that this month of April/Nisan is 50 jubilees (50  x 49 or 5 x 490) from the decree of Nehemiah in 445 BC (or 444 BC) in fulfillment of Daniel 9, and thus the first days of this month are extremely significant prophetically speaking. For this reason it seems to me that since these two intersecting weeks began with a solar eclipse over Israel --- I think that this eclipse is the beginning marker since the eclipse marks the coming of the new moon, which is the first day of the month on the Jewish calendar. (March 29). There is no better point of time I suppose to give a sign if one wants to grant one --- even as God has done! This is the same pattern observed in the Geneva Peace Treaty and will again be repeated in the upcoming seven-year EU budget with Javier Solana. (Someone passed me this information about him by email early in the morning of April 12.) We will have to explain the significance of Javier Solana at another time.

April/Nisan 1 (Inclusive) April/Nisan 4 April/Nisan 7
April/Nisan 4 April/Nisan 7 April/Nisan 11 April 14

(Click here for significance)


         Dated according to the Modern, Jewish, and Prophetic calendars,
 along with the
symbolic day/years

AD 2006

See -216 days back to the 2-day gap at Katrina and then back to Balance Code; theme is the contest with prophets of Baal.  This one-week symbolizes the week of years prophesied to come,
called "The Great Tribulation Period"

Note that this is the seventh week of the "seven weeks" counted off to Pentecost;
and it is also the seventh week of years according to the Jubilee system as per the symbolic date.

Early April 2
(+ 3.5 days to April 5th)
Tues, April 4
(About noon EST;
evening in Israel)
Fri, April 7
(About 4 pm EST;
tornados continue into the night)

(One week to "Good Friday")

Tues, April 11
(About noon EST)
Jewish calendar
Nisan 4 (to 7th)
Jewish calendar
Nisan 6

(Anniversary of creation of man according to spring reckoning)

Jewish calendar
Nisan 9/10

(Lamb selected for Passover
 and anniversary of triumphal entry of Christ)

Jewish calendar
Nisan 13

(Day before Passover
and anniversary of Judas betrayal [13 or 14th]. Jesus said, "This is the New Covenant in my blood...")

360 calendar
2nd mth, 26th day.

(Anniversary of ascension of Christ)

360 calendar
2nd mth, 28th day
360 calendar
3rd mth, 1st/2nd day

(Anniversary of Israel arriving at Mount Sinai)

360 calendar
3rd mth, 5th day
i.e., 49 + 50th day)

(Also the anniversary of the covenant of the law at Mount Sinai and the anniversary of the birth of the Church in the book of Acts)

Symbolic date:
 1415 BC

1415 BC is 1440 [12 x 40] years to AD 26. The alternate dating method is as 2606 AD, which is 1290 x 2 back to AD 26. This is when John the Baptist and Christ began their 3.5-yr ministries. Note that 3.5 days later flooding again occurred.

Symbolic date:
 1413 BC
Symbolic date:
 1410 BC
Symbolic date:
 1406 BC

(Enter Promised land --- a land of rest. The 49-year-cycle jubilee's begin)


Notice that the theme of first half of week is Mount Carmel/storms (= Elijah)

 and the second half of the week is 'covenant' and 'revelation' (= Moses) 

Road to Jezreel flooded at Megiddo, (also called, "Armageddon")

5 die in Israel due to flooded roads

(Flooding is repeated 3.5 days later in same area. Irron river again overflows. Note the 'river' in Balance Code.)

Rare tornado (along with hail) in plain beside Mount Carmel. More flooding the next day.

(Ahab went by chariot from Mount Carmel to Jezreel passing Megiddo. See April 2)

Multiple tornadoes in the US; 27 dead   Flooding rain and hail storm in city of Mount Carmel, Ill. Multiple tornadoes in nearby counties, 12 dead.  
    God reveals that the so-called Judas Gospel is a type of the revealing of antichrist, "the son of perdition". 

The bible says that the antichrist is to be revealed at the middle of the "week" (seven years) when a seven-year covenant is broken (Dan. 9), and thus, appropriately, the meaning of the Judas Gospel was also revealed in the middle of this week.

God reveals the meaning of the tornados as discussed in this
  Personal Sign
(God gave Ezekiel personal signs as well,
 so it is in character with God to do so. Our God is a personal God!)

(God promised me when He showed me the Balance Bible Code some 645 days earlier that He would look after all my material needs. I needed an ideal job so that I could both do the work He called me to do and yet look after my family adequately. God answered this in such a way as to be a sign of what He will do for all His people --- that is, reward them at the end of the age, Rev. 11:18.)

  Ask for job  Interviewed and get the job Late in day sign contract (covenant) for the new job 
--- a job that I get paid to rest!

(See Heb. 3)



The end of the week on the 13th of Nisan (the anniversary of when Judas betrayed Christ) is the end of this week, and is when these things about the tornadoes and hail was made known to me. And that day as said was also Pentecost on the 360 bible-prophecy calendar (see ), and that this day also symbolizes 1406 BC when Israel finished wondering in the wilderness and entered the Promised land --- that is, the day and year of Jubilee! What a fitting type and shadow of the end of the coming tribulation period and the subsequent entry into a new world! --even the millennial reign of Christ! And the time I write this is the 8th day, that is April 12, 2006, Nisan/Abib 14, which is Passover --- the anniversary of when Israel celebrated the Passover lamb before they left Egypt, and is also the anniversary of when Jesus died! (The numeric is more awesome that I am revealing here. Time does not allow for the details. Note that this Nisan 10 --- the middle of the week of which we speak, is also 49 x 50 years [490 x 5 years] from 446 BC, the staring date of the decree to restore Jerusalem as per the famous prophecy of Daniel 9. That in itself is totally awesome!)

So we have here a another sign of what is to come--- each of the seven days representing a year of time --- perhaps meant to be forwarded in time by the highly significant 70 jubilees that spans us to the years AD 2018 to 2025 from the said 1413 BC to 1406 BC!?!

As a personal sign (for God me gives personal signs that coincide with the international signs to aid in interpretation), well, God gave me a promise that He would "carry me" and look after my financial needs. He made me to know that in a very powerful way with the Balance Bible Code which is based upon Isaiah 46:1-6, which is a promise that God will carry and sustain all His people from beginning to end though all the storms of life. Well, finally, through a series of breakthroughs financially God has fulfilled this. A position at work finally opened up that allows me to support my family while at the same time allowing me more time for ministry. That long anticipated breakthrough for the job came in three stages: On April 4th I let it be known that I wanted the job; on April 7th I was interviewed and got the job; and late on April 11th I signed the contract for the job. These are the very same three days that break up the "week" about which we have been speaking! This is a sign of that which is to come for all who are faithful.

Rev 11:15 And the seventh angel sounded; and there followed great voices in heaven, and they said, The kingdom of the world is become the kingdom of our Lord, and of his Christ: and he shall reign for ever and ever....

Rev 11:18 And the nations were wroth, and thy wrath came, and the time of the dead to be judged, and the time to give their reward to thy servants the prophets, and to the saints, and to them that fear thy name, the small and the great; and to destroy them that destroy the earth.

Rev 11:19 And there was opened the temple of God that is in heaven; and there was seen in his temple the ark of his covenant; and there followed lightnings, and voices, and thunders, and an earthquake, and great hail.

As an aside, I believe that Revelation 11 applies to all His prophets, and not just to the two special Jewish ones to come. As gentiles, (and I am a gentile) we will all still be rewarded!


For those of you who have been following the Balance Bible Code with its storms --- this is a continuation of that prophecy. It is 646 days from when that code was revealed to me. I wondered why it was not an even 645 days, which is half of 1290 [Dan. 12], or 1.5 times 430 [Ezek. 4]. I believe the answer lies in the fact that there are 216 (rather than 215 days) from the events of Hurricane Katrina, which in turn is 430 back to the Balance Bible Code. There are two important days associated with Katrina, the 29th of Aug. (2005) when the hurricane hit, and 2 days later when the floods inside the city peaked and then began to subside (which was 430 days from the code). The Balance Bible Code draws an image of a river 12 x 20 letters long, however, in Atbash the same river is 12 x 18 letters long and divided by letters of six, that is, 6 x 36, or 6 x 6 x 6, a fitting number since the code is speaking about Baal, the dragon that will give the coming antichrist his powers. (All this is discussed at length in the Baal Atbash Bible Code, which is simply the Balance Bible Code in Atbash code.) Thus, the 216 days reminds us of the Baal aspect of the Balance Bible Code and this in turn ties in again with the Judas Gospel and antichrist theme as discussed earlier.

Well, 6 x 36 equals 216, the number of days that span between Aug. 29th and 31st of 2005 and April 2nd and 4th of 2006, which is when the flooding at Megiddo Israel took place (another name for Armageddon) along with the tornadoes in the United States, and the tornado, dust storm and hail in Israel. The connection between Katrina and these events in Israel are not forced, but are the very same comparisons made by the local media in Israel!

Here is a list of some of the News sources that I used:

 (Draws comparison to Katrina in its headlines.)

Jerusalem Post article     The flash floods on April 2, 2006 in Israel

The Mount Carmel United States Storm

Here is a map of Israel


Wadi Ara in danger of another flooding

The heavy rains that fell across Israel caused the Irron River to overflow on Wednesday leading to heavy flooding in Wadi Ara for the second time this week.

Road workers operated in the area to clear roads that had been blocked, while police and emergency workers were on call in case the situation worsens.

Israel's road works chairman Alex Vishnitzer revealed that in the course of three hours, 130 mm of rain fell in the area. He noted that it was an event that occurs every hundred years, and so the local infrastructure was not equipped to deal with it.

After the rains ceased in the area during the early afternoon, they were expected to resume later in the day.

Earlier in the week, five people were killed as a result of floods in Wadi Ara, in the Jordan Valley road north of the Dead Sea, and near the security fence around Kalkilya. The main road passing through by Umm el-Fahm was covered by a reported two meters of water, washing away a car passing on the road and drowning its driver.

Meanwhile on Wednesday, locals and officials in the Western Galilee were working to repair the heavy damage caused by the "mini-tornado" that struck the region on Tuesday.

Some of the 70 people injured, of which were 20 children, were treated at Nahariya Hospital; three of them remained hospitalized overnight.

The severe weather included heavy winds and hail. The winds damaged many homes, including pulling several doors out of place. Electricity was cut in some places after electric poles were blown down."

Also see Mount Carmel Hanukah Forest Fire of 2010

Also see Olympic Tornado of 2008

(Also see " EF-5 tornado devastates Joplin" just as the closing minutes of the predicted week for "terrible tornadoes and fires" was concluding, {May 22, 2011} -- as predicted back in January of 2011.)


Also see the sign of antichrist:
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 A Cherub and Baal


Embedded Lion Bible Prophecy CodeJacob's Acrostic Bible Prophecy

Simplified or Literal reading

Mt. Helens

Pope dies   Pope elected


Tsunami (1)  (2)  (2a) (2b) (comets)

(Audio/visual) 5 comets Bible Prophecy Code

Bible Code Prophecy.




Sword in Eden





"How the Gods of Babylon
 are Weighed in the Balances."

Slide-Audio of
'Balance' Bible-Code

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