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Tropical Storm Bonnie and the Great Oil Spill

(This article explains the picture code that alluded to this oil spill.)

(This also bears on the "15-year delay" of calamities.)

Posted on forum July 23, 2010




“The Seventh Trumpet”

Why the Earthquake and Tornadoes just before the G8 summit in Ontario, Canada?
(June 25, 2010)




Some controversial thoughts about cosmic ages.
(Put on 360calendar website May 22, 2010.)



The first creation of artificial life!

What it means, and the timing of this event.

(May 21, 2010)

(Posted on forum)



(Important update about the article that concerns the years 2010-2017, especially 2012.
God is granting 15-more years according the prophecy of Isaiah 38.)

(April 15, 2010, published on forum.)





"Names Bible Code" is now a movie on YouTube (Part 1)

"Names Acrostic" on YouTube (Part 2)



Haiti Earthquake

The Timing Seems Significant

A Sign of the Sixth seal?

Feb. 5, 2010



(Updated again Jan. 29)

Seven Seals and Seven Codes

6 pm, Jan. 27, 2010

Scroll with seven seals



Interesting discussion on forum about the significance of the plans for temple sacrifices 
this Passover (March 29) possibly for the first time since AD 70.

Jan. 18, 2010




My dream about the rise of Anti-christ
(posted on forum)

Jan. 10, 2010



"Merry  Baal-mas"
on Dec. 21, 2012

posted on forum Dec. 11-13, 2009.



On the forum I examine a code that I believe is genuine, but was discovered by someone other than myself. 
However, I have added to this code what I consider is the most important part, namely, Yeshua!

The bible code itself address the question of what is the correct spelling of the Hebrew name, "Yeshua" (Jesus).

(Dec. 3, 2009)

Three names of God --- bible code.






"Just like I AM, that I AM!" (forms the man). "I AM the Lord" -7 times- (forms the bush), "What I have put into your hand..." "will become a snake," (forms the rods), "An innocent guilt offering! Who is the Lord? I AM the fire offering of the Lord!" (forms the snakes); and the edge of the cliff reads: "So behold, the fire offerings of the Lord are a language/edge (of a cliff), are they not!?" etc.

Long over due! 

I have written out what the image of Moses with the rod in hand reads. 

Nov. 29, 2009




(Before, the text was only visible with roll over of image with mouse.)

Comparison between Buddha and Baal of the Baal Bible Code
as discussed on the forum.
Nov. 27, 2009



Names Code and Acrostic now

in Power Point, Short Version   Full Version

(If not working, click here for older PowerPoint's.)

The meanings of all 70 names from Adam to Jesus read sequentially

We hope to turn this power point into a movie on Youtube soon.





Names Code and Acrostic now

in Power Point, Short Version   Full Version

The meanings of all 70 names from Adam to Jesus read sequentially




Is 2012 just another Y2K non-event?
If so, it will still be significant!

(Nov. 11-18, 2009)

All dates point to 2012? True or False Prediction?






Predictions about 2012?




Answering the question:

"What is the purpose of bible code pictograms?"
Where are they leading?
What is their conclusion?



Bible Code Predictions

(My rant against false predictions that people make
 that cast doubt on those truly led by God!)

(Oct. 22, 2009)





The Names/Acrostic Bible Code from Genesis

has been greatly expanded to include its Atbash,

and forms images of the Creation, Noah's Flood,

 the parting of the Red Sea, and the Cross.

This is likely the most unique Bible Code ever discovered
 and demonstrates like no other code the power of God!

Atbash Bible Code from Names Code. Image of the Creation and Floood and parting of the Red Sea with the  pillar of fire. Also the cross of Christ.

March 8/09



 The BC/AD Mirror

(An important discovery in bible numbers.)



The President Obama Inauguration


On forum (The Sign of the Plane Crash near Twin Towers
 along river on Jan. 15, 2009, wherein 155 were remarkably saved. 
And also, if read on in the posts further, "The 21 Days of the Gaza Conflict.")

Jan. 17,18, 2009




Dec. 5, 2008

Bible Code Predictions from encoded Pictograms, that is, symbolic images.






Significance of APEC summit held one-week after the below summit.



Also, update of "The Gathering of Top 20 Nations to Solve Economic Crisis
Continues to Follow Timeframes Laid Out by Prophet Haggai"

Twin Towers

(Nov. 15, 2008)



What the Cherub/Baal Bible Code reads, 
put out Oct. 10, 2008, updated Oct. 31, 2008




The Cherub/Baal Bible Code!

Here are some images of the latest bible code  
that will be explained over the course of the next few months. 

This update page will record what was updated and where. 

Sept. 17, 2008



Below article updated and edited Oct. 23, 2008


World Trade Center Bible Code
was a Sign of the 2008 Collapse of World Trade


How it has all been timed with the most astonishing precision.

chart-world-trade-center-collapse.jpg (272981 bytes)





Atlanta Olympic Tornado

God Judges the gods of Greece --- Again!


Tornado over downtown Atlanta

The tornado struck downtown Atlanta, Georgia, at about 9:30 pm on March 14, 2008.

The Atlanta tornado was another sign...
(May 29, 2008)



(And the Great Flood of 2008)

1260 x 1000 to the great tsunami, 
plus 1260 days to flood --- from exodus of 1446 BC 

(Updated June 16 and 19, 2008)

2008-Iowa-flood.jpg (35489 bytes)


Also, note about 2012



Taking another (simplified) look at the amazing prophecy
 of the timing of Saddam Hussein's execution

May 14, 2008





Major Update on the 12 comets within 3.5 years
 of the Balance Bible Code and Lion Bible Code

Picture Bible Code of the Lion of the Tribe of Judah bearing His cross, staff, rod, and sword! "His star" shines at top! All pretenders to the throne will be crushed.

(Updated March 26, 2008)




What are my thoughts on "The Bible Wheel"
and Gematria?


(Updated April 4-14, 2008)



Abraham was born 1948 years after Adam,

and Israel was born as a nation in AD 1948. 

Is this a coincidence?




Further updates in the series to do with, 
"Predicting the dates of future events"
Newest update put out Dec. 28, 2007




Update on Oct. 25, 2007
New unexpected visible comet appears


108-year old Rabbi leaves secret sealed code before he died about who the Messiah is...
and it agrees with bible acrostic put on internet on this website about the same time.

Article posted on our bible prophecy forum

(Oct. 19, 2007)

See next update too...





Update on Oct. 25, 2007

New unexpected visible comet appears


Further updates in the series to do with, 
"Predicting the dates of future events"
Newest update put out Oct. 5, 2007


1150 days from 390th day (plus the extra month)
(Earthquakes, Humberto and 
"TD10" makes landfall
 just as Day of Atonement began,


1150 days from 430th day of Ezekiel's siege 
(Jerry, Karen,
Melissa forms, lands, etc.; but more importantly see,

 "Red Sea Volcano and the KJV Bible Code")


A horned owl called "ROME" that claims to be the dove of "EDEN", but is a "WHORE" decked in jewels, plotting "WAR" on the way to "HELL". She sits upon many waters and rides a dragon/beast composed of seven hills and troubles the sea. And there is a large mountain made from these seven smaller hills, (which partly excludes the seventh hill). All this overlaps the face of a prophetess encoded using bible prophecy numbers, 666, 1260, and 144,000.


earlier update


another earlier update on the Below Speculations
(Seeing if they come true)
(Sept. 12-13)





My Prophetic Calling and the Olympic fires in Greece
(Sept. 4, 2007)

The Balance Bible Code predicted a "coming fire". It reads: "I am the Lamp and my fire will surely come!" It also formed a torch like an 8th flame on the menorah (lamp) that represented the Olympic torch, as said three years ago.





The following article about Hurricane Dean has been updated again on Aug. 23.

Hurricane Dean
The Ark to Hell
(The counterfeit "Ark")

(Aug. 20-23)

Hurricane Dean encoded as 
 heading toward "Rome," "Eden" (paradise) and "Hell"
(symbolically speaking)

Now on the Net
(Aug. 21, 2007)

(Click on images to enlarge)

English-warship-code-ark.jpg (115760 bytes)    english-code-hurricane-dean-.jpg (160887 bytes)



'Jesus walking on the water'



'Mirrored Images'

(Put on net Aug. 16, 2007)



(Put on net late Aug. 10, 2007)

Key phrase, "I am Yeshua!"

I thought it impossible. I proved myself wrong! 

A KJV English bible code every bit as complex as any I have ever seen. 


Click here for more on this very important new find!

Click here for the sign of the Hurricanes that are accompanying it!






Another (updated) article on 
the acrostic code from Adam to Abraham

(Posted for now on the forum)
March 8, 2007




Saddam hangs on day predicted by Mene-Tekel Bible Code
(In response to an email. A fuller version is coming soon.)

(Dec. 30, 2006)


The Death of Saddam and the Sign of the Hot Comet
(Jan. 6, 2007)



Also see Tekel/Moth Bible-Prophecy Code
and the Death of Saddam Hussein
(Jan. 3, 2007)



Another update on Saddam's death sentence
in fulfillment of the mene-tekel bible code
put on the net before the Iraq (Babylon) war

(On forum)
(Dec. 27, 2006)


You can also read it here on this website at this link



Genealogical Acrostic: Adam to Abraham

and Names Code


Randomness Verse Order
 (How do we tell the difference?)
(Nov. 17, 2006)



Update on Saddam's death sentence 
in fulfillment of the mene-tekel bible code
put on the net before the Iraq (Babylon) war
(On forum)
(Nov. 5, 2006)




Eastward direction of nations under judgment
according to the Mene bible code and hand code
(Posted on Forum)
(Oct. 21, 2006)

Asia --- China, Iraq, Iran, Israel in bible prophecy code.


The Scepter in the Lion Bible Code
(Oct 20, 2006)

The Nail-Scared Hand Bible Code



Pluto and Apophis (King of hell)



Yeshua Code Updated to include "The DNA of the Second Birth".
Yeshua Bible Code (DNA)
(July 25, 2006)



(On forum)

The sign of Israel's new Red Cross flag
(A remarkable sign!)
2, 2006)



The Meaning-of-Names Code
from Adam to Jesus

(Now in printable version)

(Updated: Some slight corrections made that has improved code,
and also now added is Jacob's 12 sons in the order in which they were born!)

(May 27, 2006)

Acrostic from the Genealogy
 of Adam to Abraham

(May 24, 2006)



Floods/Tornadoes in Mount Carmel of Israel and USA
Mon 04/03/2006




Summary of hurricanes of notoriety
as it relates to the Balance Bible Code
along with numeric timeline.


The Circular Acrostic Balance Bible Code 
(The riddle to the Balance Bible Code discovered after the answer was revealed!)
(March 11 and 14th, 2006)


The Atbash Bel-Qoph Code greatly expanded
 and explained much more fully. 
This is perhaps the most important document
 on the Balance Bible Code series.
(Dec. 29, 2005)

The 'Merry Baal-mas' Code!
(Christmas morning, 2005)
includes... King Kong verses The Lion of Narnia!
(Dec. 27, 2005)


Balance Bible Code Acrostic
The first of the six verses in which the Balance Bible Code is found contains a complex acrostic that summarizes the picture bible code embedded there and also addresses the surface text in which it is found.
(Dec. 24, 2005)


 Dumb Bel and Atbash Code
(and Storms Delta and Epsilon!)

(Nov. 27, 2005)



Jubilee & Grand Jubilee Cycles
(One of my most important documents
ever put out, though still in ruff.)
Put on Bible Prophecy Numbers Site
(Nov. 4, 2005)



(Oct. 31, 2005)
(Updated again Nov. 3)
Hurricanes Alpha & Beta Bible Code


Balance/Hurricane Bible Code imagery
 explained image by image 

(on forum)


Storm Alpha Bible Code
(Oct. 21, 2005)

(Oct. 2, 2005)

Will the Bird Flu Fly?
 (Article posted on forum)
(Based on "Moth Bible Code")


Hurricane Rita forms during Quartet meeting to discuss Israel in agreement with bible code.
60th United Nations General Assembly
Do you see the "6-6-6" among the six people here upon the Wall
 who represent the Middle East Quartet?

( Sept. 29, 2005)

Click on this link for the significance of this as a sign
 as discussed on the bible prophecy forum
and how it relates to both the Balance Bible Code and the Mene Tekel Bible Code





(Sept. 20, 2005)
Hurricane Rita

Wheels of Ezekiel's chariot bible code (Ezekiel 1-4).


Hurricane Katrina 

(Aug. 26-Sept. 19, 2005)  
Astounding Picture-Bible-Codes
 put on the internet one year ago
that relate to Hurricane Katrina 
(posted on Prophecy Forum)


(Aug. 24, 2005) I have been updating the bible numbers
 site over the past few weeks.


Significance of Tsunami
 on Dec. 26, 2004 as it relates to Revelation 11 and 12
(Posted Aug. 13, 2005)


Why 1446 BC for date of Exodus?


The Blast at the Red Sea!
(Updated July 28th, 2005)


(July 12, 2005, and updated July 16th)
The "Rock" and Hurricane Emily  



 "He appointed (Hurricane) Dennis to arise!"


Hurricane Dennis


Deep Impact Bible Code


Click to enlarge to show how
images are located close together!
Picture bible codes in overlap.

Note about the three circles of the Moth Bible Prophecy Code'
 in overlap with dragon code,
 and the flaming sword in the Garden of Eden. (And 'same-sex marriage.')

Sword in Garden of Eden. Bible Code Prophecy.


Menorah bible code prophecy about the bride of Christ.
More on the
Menorah Bible Code

"O the sacrifice! O the flame! O the love-- the love of God for her!"
(See the flash movie of Christ as the fire offering.)

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